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There have been recent murmurings in the press about a new “Economy Minus “ class on planes featuring seats with even smaller legroom.  The new service has not yet been connected to a specific airline. After a few notable air rage incidents involving  “Knee Defenders,” and irate passengers defending their legroom, it would seem that smaller seating room is the last thing passengers are willing to put up with.  Not so. Americans are extremely price sensitive when it comes to flying.   Flight pricing is very important to 86% of Americans who have ever flown compared to checked luggage pricing (55%), ... read more

A “troll”, in internet terminology, is someone who is deliberately provocative, upsetting others by starting arguments or posting inflammatory messages on online comment sections. Trolling is a problem that is gaining increasing attention and some websites are changing their comments processes or blocking comments altogether. A year ago YouTube changed their moderation process to help users moderate others’ comments more easily and move more engaged discussions towards poll position. Although only 45% of adults have heard of the term troll, 28% of Americans admitted malicious online activity directed at somebody they didn’t know. Nearly a quarter of those who have ... read more

Overall spending is up 8.7%; online sales outpace in-store purchases while charitable giving and “self-gifting” are on the rise. Holiday spending is expected to be strong this year, according to the Survey of Affluence and Wealth, published by Time Inc. and YouGov. Results of a national survey of holiday spending plans among America’s households – and a separate survey of affluent and wealthy households – suggests that the average U.S. family will spend $736 on gifts this year, an increase of $66 per household. This equates to a total U.S. holiday gift spend of $77.5 billion, an 8.7% increase over ... read more

Just as Apple’s iPhone 6 launch hoopla was subsiding after having reached its highest consumer perception levels in two years, Samsung’s aggressive counter-campaign and product news appear to have sent its scores climbing in Apple’s place. YouGov BrandIndex measured iPhone and Samsung with its Buzz score, which asks respondents "If you've heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?" Buzz score can range from 100 to -100, with a zero score equaling positive and negative feedback. All measurements are for adults 18 and over. The iPhone ... read more

The bigger the breach, it seems the less consumers care. It also helps to not go first. As each of the three biggest data breaches of all time were disclosed over the past 10 months, the consumer perception impact was significantly less with each successive announcement. YouGov BrandIndex measured Target, Home Depot, and JPMorgan Chase with its Buzz score, which asks respondents "If you've heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?" Buzz score can range from 100 to -100, with a zero score equaling positive ... read more

Despite the proliferation of online and mobile banking options, Americans expect brick-and-mortar bank branches, and location is key when Americans choose their primary bank account. A third of Americans (33%) who use branch based banking picked their primary bank account for proximity to their home. A larger 41% of New Yorkers, most of whom don’t have a household car, also choose their bank for proximity. Closeness to the office, or readily available ATMs (like Chase at Duane Read pharmacy) are also key reasons for picking a particular financial services brand to bank with and again particularly important to mostly car-less ... read more

Daily deal sites like Groupon have been struggling to define their business model and turn a profit. Although 39% of Americans have used “daily deal” sites only 29% think that they are worth the money. 43% of those how have used a service have flat out forgotten to use the deal that they have purchased. Just over one third (34%) say they have had a sub-standard experience with an online deal. One potential target, however, may be New York women and people living in the highly populated borough of Manhattan. Women in general and New York women in particular seem ... read more

Despite heavy media and shareholder scrutiny of Yahoo’s direction - activist shareholder group Starboard Value urged the company to consider buying AOL in a letter late last week - Yahoo has had better consumer perception levels than most major social media sites over the past two years. And potential target AOL? They have the lowest score of the group. For these measurements, YouGov BrandIndex used its Index score, its flagship metric for overall brand health. The Index score is the average of six sub-scores which measure Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Reputation, and Willingness to Recommend. A score can range from ... read more

Although Olive Garden’s “$100 unlimited pasta for seven weeks” campaign did drive its ad awareness and word of mouth scores among casual diners, discontent over the limited amount of passes seems to have brought the embattled chain to its lowest consumer perception levels in more than two months. But what may be most troubling of all to the battling owners and shareholders is Olive Garden losing the recent gains it made with casual diners over the summer in YouGov BrandIndex’s key potential revenue metric, purchase consideration. Since mid-July, Olive Garden worked its way up from a 40% of casual diners ... read more

More than a third of Americans (34%) rate McDonald’s fries as the best burger chain fries. Burger King (10%) and Five Guys (9%) come a distant second and third. The top fast food beef burger is a dead heat between Burger King and Five Guys both favored by 15% of American adults, and closely followed by Wendy’s (14%). McDonald’s burgers are favored by 7% of Americans. Best fries and best burger from a burger chain The best breakfast, according to 17% of Americans, is back at McDonalds or Burger King (16%) – unless you are a New Yorker, who claim ... read more