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Nearly one in five American workers (19%) are late for work at least once a week, however nearly half (48%) are never late. Many American workers hold themselves to stringent standards when they consider what constitutes lateness. A quarter of employees (25%) think they are late if they are only one minute past their start time. Only 15% feel they should have a free pass more than 15 minutes after their start time. Millennials tend to be less punctual than their older colleagues with 22% admitting to showing up late at least once a week compared to 15% of those ... read more

As consumers find tighter seating and higher fares despite lower gasoline prices, Southwest Airlines is the best positioned domestic airline in consumer value perception and purchase consideration among leisure travelers. 53% of consumers who have gone on at least one leisure trip this past year would consider purchasing a ticket from Southwest next time they are in the market. The airline with the second greatest purchase consideration, Delta, comes in at 43%, while American and United score at 36% and 35% respectively. Even though Southwest lost a little of its value perception since last year, it still has more than ... read more

It’s only mid-November and major retailers have their work cut out for them this holiday season: Amazon already has a wide lead over all of them in both consumer value perception and purchase consideration with adults 18 and over. 66% of consumers say they would consider the online megastore the next time they are in the market to buy, a full 11 percentage points over the next chain, Walmart and 13 percentage points over Best Buy. Amazon has also made the biggest gains in purchase consideration since the same date one year ago, an increase of three percentage points. Amazon ... read more

People are more satisfied with their mattresses than their cars, credit cards or their favorite beers or sodas. They also derive more satisfaction from oil and gas companies than social media sites. And it doesn’t look good for the makers of erectile dysfunction pharmaceuticals: their satisfaction levels place them below most consumer categories. These are some of the key findings from YouGov BrandIndex’s first annual consumer satisfaction ranking of brand categories, which puts home improvement retailers, tool and hardware companies, cruise lines, apparel brands and amusement parks in the top five positions. Satisfaction: Top Ten Sectors Brand categories with the ... read more

Since the NFL began airing a new anti-domestic violence PSA TV spot on Thursday Night Football on October 23rd, perception has improved with its own football fans as opposed to a much broader audience which has been generally critical of the league in its handling of the Ray Rice crisis in September. These results are of particular significance, as this is the NFL’s first PSA effort to help repair its image since September’s backlash and mounting pressure grew for Commissioner Roger Goodell. Three of YouGov BrandIndex’s key perception metrics for the NFL went up far more for the core football ... read more

Fox News Channel, which dropped off the 10 best perceived brands by Republicans last year, has returned to the number 10 spot this year. Samsung premiered on the top 10 rankings of both Democrats and Independents. However, one brand dropped off the top 10 rankings of all three major political affiliations – Home Depot. As always, there are brands that all parties give their highest marks to: Amazon, Craftsman, Dawn, Johnson & Johnson, and Clorox. But political parties have favorites they can call their own: History Channel, M&Ms and Fox News Channel are only on the top 10 GOP list, ... read more

Americans love dressing up.  Or at least they love dressing their children up.  86% of Americans have dressed up - or been dressed up - in a Halloween costume at some point in their lives.  74% were dressed up when they were young children (up to12 years old) and 50% have slipped into something Halloween appropriate as an adult. The most popular costume ideas seem to be characters out of books, toys or movies with Dracula, Frankenstein, Raggedy Ann and Power Ranger particular favorites.   The vast majority of American adults (79%) went trick-or-treating when they were young children but ... read more

Lincoln Motors’ quirky Matthew McConaughey ads have given the car manufacturer some of the best ad awareness and consumer perception numbers they’ve had in a long time, but they seem to be having little effect on possible consumer purchases. Since the campaign was released online and began airing on TV in early September, the ads were given honorable parodies by both Ellen Degeneres and Conan O’Brien on their respective shows. Subsequently, Lincoln’s ad awareness had a major successful impact on four key demographic groups while having minimal effect on millennials: Ad awareness for potential car buyers in the market to ... read more

There have been recent murmurings in the press about a new “Economy Minus “ class on planes featuring seats with even smaller legroom.  The new service has not yet been connected to a specific airline. After a few notable air rage incidents involving  “Knee Defenders,” and irate passengers defending their legroom, it would seem that smaller seating room is the last thing passengers are willing to put up with.  Not so. Americans are extremely price sensitive when it comes to flying.   Flight pricing is very important to 86% of Americans who have ever flown compared to checked luggage pricing (55%), ... read more

A “troll”, in internet terminology, is someone who is deliberately provocative, upsetting others by starting arguments or posting inflammatory messages on online comment sections. Trolling is a problem that is gaining increasing attention and some websites are changing their comments processes or blocking comments altogether. A year ago YouTube changed their moderation process to help users moderate others’ comments more easily and move more engaged discussions towards poll position. Although only 45% of adults have heard of the term troll, 28% of Americans admitted malicious online activity directed at somebody they didn’t know. Nearly a quarter of those who have ... read more