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Millennials show a remarkable amount of brand loyalty for several dining brands, while some fast food veterans are less likely to see repeat customers from the demographic. Jimmy John’s, Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, Whataburger, in that order, have the highest current millennial customer loyalty among all major fast dining outlets over the past six months. The research looked at purchase consideration rates for nearly 30 QSR brands, calculated among each brand’s own current customers, which YouGov defines as someone who has patronized the brand in the past 30 days. For millennials who already patronize Jimmy John’s, 83% of them say they would ... read more

According to the latest YouGov Holiday Omnibus survey, 98% of US parents with children ages 6-17 will be buying them holiday gifts this year. The average expected spend by parents for 6-11 year old children is $241, while average spend for 12-17 year olds reaches $383. This equates to a total annual spend on holiday shopping by parents of children 6-17 of over $15 billion. Top Gifts from Parents Clothes are the gift most children are likely to be receiving from their parents in almost every gender and age bracket. Only younger boys (ages 6-11) are more likely to receive ... read more

Every holiday season, in our respective households eventually comes the question, “What do you want for a holiday gift?” And the answer is always the same, “I don’t know.” This holiday season the question is particularly acute: more money will be spent on gifts, more emotion is being poured into gifts, and people feel they have earned a special gift, especially from their significant other. How they will handle these issues will make this an unusual holiday season. There are a couple of things in the background that you need to know: first we are forecasting a 10% increase in ... read more

This Christmas may prove to be merrier (and more profitable) than usual for Victoria’s Secret: its purchase consideration scores for women, a key indicator of potential revenue, are much higher after this year’s nationally broadcast Fashion Show than last year’s. After last year’s initial fashion show broadcast on December 10th, about 25% of women would consider buying at Victoria’s Secret next time they were looking to shop at a retailer, representing an increase of just two percentage points from pre-show levels. A rebroadcast of the show six nights later seemed to have no effect on purchase consideration, and the score ... read more

After their Christmas 2013 data breach took them on one of the sharpest consumer perception drops since 2010’s BP oil crisis, Target is still considerably short of where it was before the crisis broke. An even bigger breach victim from mid-September, Home Depot dropped down to its lowest consumer perception levels since the end of January 2009. Although the fall was not as steep as Target and they began rebounding much sooner, Home Depot is still significantly short of where it was in consumer perception before its breach. The bigger difference for Home Depot, however, is that purchase consideration levels ... read more

Tis the season to be jolly.  95% of Americans celebrate Christmas and the majority (68%) of Americans looking forward to the holidays. 59% agree that Christmas is their favorite time of year 66% of Americans say that they are already enjoying the holiday season, even if only a little.  However, 80% worry that commercialization has over-run the season and there is now too much focus on spending money.  Nearly three-quarters (71%) believe that the true meaning of Christmas has been lost.   How do you feel about Christmas? This Christmas Americans are excited about: Spending time with family and friends ... read more

Workers generally trust their HR departments with 60% giving positive marks for trust; 22% gave top marks on a zero-to-ten scale. Four in ten workers (40%), however, don’t trust their HR department.   There seems to be a far greater degree of trust between employees and their managers, with 77% overall trusting their boss.  Managers overwhelmingly trust their employees with 95% of SME business managers saying that they trust their staff.   Managers do, however, overestimate the degree of trust in the other direction, with 94% of SME managers thinking that they are trusted by their own staff. Although the vast ... read more

Several weeks into its first national brand marketing campaign to dispel its “Whole Paycheck” image, Whole Foods Markets has seen its Ad Awareness and Purchase Consideration scores tick up modestly, although Value perception has remained in negative territory. While Whole Foods’ ad awareness rose about 3 points during the first few weeks of its campaign, value perception remained mostly negative and climbed no higher than where it had been as recently as September, and still below its peak 2014 levels in February. Another challenge: competitor Trader Joe’s Ad Awareness spiked shortly after the Whole Foods campaign, possibly blunting some of ... read more

More than a quarter of American employees expect to be promoted in the next twelve months. For adults employed by an organization, 28% expect to be promoted within the next 12 months, and 13% are expecting a positive change in six months or less. Millennials are particularly optimistic with one third of millennials (33%) hopeful of a promotion within the next year. Employees believe age has held them back from deserved promotions More than one in five (22%) of working adults believe that they have passed over for a deserved promotion at some time in their career. Nearly a quarter ... read more

Americans rely on online reviews to make purchase decisions but at the same time they do not trust that reviews are true and fair. The majority of Americans rely on online reviews. 78% check out the review section before making a purchase and nearly half of Americans (44%) are active contributors, actively writing reviews if only occasionally. Americans rely heavily on online review ratings and comments despite believing that many ratings are untrustworthy. Back in January 2014 we asked reviewers if they ever wrote reviews for products or services they had never actually purchased or tried. 21% said that they ... read more