Custom Research

YouGov offers a full range of advanced quantitative and qualitative research and consulting services to help marketing and business leaders make smarter decisions about their markets, customers, and offerings.  We help our clients address business questions related to market structure and composition, innovation and product development, product and service optimization, customer experience, branding and market effectiveness. 

Custom engagements leverage the full range of cutting-edge research and analytic techniques with an eye for assessing the economic impact of alternative actions. We deliver the insights and tools that help managers plan and make both strategic and tactical decisions – with a focus on tangible, financial-based implications and outcomes.


Market Strategy and Planning

Identify white space, understand customer attitudes and behaviors, and uncover unique, targetable segments.

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YouGov Healthcare

YouGov Healthcare is a full-service research organization specializing in the hospital sector.

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Innovation and Product Development

Quantitative strategic insights and tactical direction throughout the product life-cycle.

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Product Optimization

Create exceptional customer experience through customer insight. Optimize product and pricing through sophisticated demand projections.

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HospitalIndex delivers actionable consumer insights about the competitive footprint of hospitals in key metro areas.

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Understand the attributes that are true to your company, meaningful to your customers and distinct from your competitors.

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Marketing Effectiveness

Identify communication elements that drive your brand and enable you to fine-tune your advertising investment.

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Scientific and Academic Research

Innovative solutions to the most challenging research questions.

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Public Affairs

Understand the underlying beliefs and emotions that drive opinion on the issues that divide us.

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