Awareness and Usage

Awareness and usage programs deliver product intelligence and strategic consumer insight. Longitudinal studies give a view of your consumers’ behavioral patterning, including a broader view of how your product plays in consumers’ daily lives. 

Successful programs require strategic thinkers and research experts with a deep understanding of your category–enabling you to build product strategies based on a more complete understanding of how consumers interact with and view your category.  The YouGov Panel, delivers consistent panel accuracy and access to multiple segment views, including insights into online and social media usage. 

Awareness and usage programs help you to identify market gaps and opportunities for new products or line extensions, and to map your competitive environment. Insights into how specific channels fit into the consumer’s retail universe, and a clear understanding of channel usage patterns, provide the framework required to define channel strategies and harmonize channel pricing. We work with you to deliver strategic insights into:

  • Category white space and new product evaluation
  • Competitive environment
  • Brand awareness, trial, perception
  • Brand personality and attributes
  • Channel usage patterns and loyalties

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