Brand Impact

Our approach to brand analysis seeks out the underlying dynamics of brand growth and change – buzz, communications, in-store experience and recent purchasers.  We deliver key data on what is working effectively and why, and offer proactive strategies for optimizing your brand and its financial performance.

We understand how consumers think. We know consumers spend very little time thinking about your brand, which is why traditional brand tracking studies frequently show so little change over time. 

In order to deliver more predictive and sensitive brand tracking metrics we focus on brand engagement triggers, those occasions when brands really catch the consumers’ attention:

  • When brand-directed communications get their interest
  • When they see and hear things about the brand through word of mouth or publicity
  • When they “experience” the brand – interacting with the product or with a person who represents the brand
  • When they are considering a purchase 

In a world where brand perceptions can be made or broken overnight we believe that the only true measure of brand health requires daily brand data. Our proprietary panel ensures exceptional sample accuracy and makes continuous tracking an affordable option – gauging consumer perception every day to provide the most timely, and precise information available.

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