BrandIndex MarketView

BrandIndex MarketView enables you to compare your brand performance against all the thousands of brands and dozens of categories tracked by BrandIndex.  When you need to understand how today’s events are impacting your brand, BrandIndex provides a daily read across multiple key consumer measures.

In any sector, things will be happening every single day: a new product is launched, a competitor’s campaign goes viral, a PR nightmare strikes. Whatever it is, you don’t want to be caught off-guard - you’ll want to know exactly what effect this activity is having on your brand and your competitors’ brands immediately. As BrandIndex measures a series of values, you can focus on specific aspects as well as looking at overall perception.

BrandIndex enables you to:
  • Monitor how media (paid and earned) and news impact consmers' brand perception and intended purchase behaviors
  • Continuously track brand awareness and perception
  • Watch how specific events, strategies and tactics impact brand perception as they unfold
  • Check your performance against competitors
  • Instantaneously spot any changes in perception

Individual measures

BrandIndex tracks perception of the following values independently so that you can identify key areas for improvement and subsequently measure the effectiveness of any strategic actions, and you can see how you compare with your competitors on specific values.  BrandIndex tracks the following:

  • Aided Brand Awareness: Which brand are you familiar with? 
  • Advertising Awareness and Word of Mouth Exposure: How many and which consumers are noticing advertising and participating in conversations about your brand?
  • Buzz: The percentage of our responents who report hearing something postive about your brand less the percentage who report hearing something negative
  • Attention: The total number of consumers who have heard anything postive or negative about your brand
  • Purchase Consideration
  • Purchase Intent
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Corporate Reputation
  • General Impression
  • Recommendation
  • Customer Status

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