Business Omnibus

YouGov’s Business Omnibus Surveys are a fast, cost-effective way to get opinions from business decision makers across the United States. 

Every week, our clients reach the heart of issues in any sized business through being able to choose from one of the Business Omnibus surveys:

  • Small Business Omnibus (1-49 Employees)
  • SME Omnibus (1-249 Employees)

All B2B Omnibus services include questionnaire design and results analysis (by standard demographics - gender, age, region, and number of employees) within the cost.

Quick View

  • Sample: 500 senior managers
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Minimum 4 question entry

Additional analysis, increased sample size and specialised samples (e.g. Small, Medium and Large business sample, IT decision makers and more) are available on request.

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YouGov International Omnibus can reach both nationally representative and specialist samples

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