Concept Development and Performance Measurement

YouGov has developed a comprehensive concept development and performance measurement system that can be used across the entire product development cycle. 

The Product Green Lighting process impacts product development and launch plans from concept incubation through post-release – with research activity aligned with key green lighting stages in development where capital infusion is typically necessary to move a product toward launch.

Green Lighting

Core Concept Development

From qualitative ideation and iterative development sessions, through to quantitative screening of the initial concept ideas – the concepts we end with are very different to what we began with.  They are polished, compelling and built around consumer-driven language and benefits.

Early Concept Treatment and Opportunity Assessment

Assess and quantify the potential market opportunity, both for early stage development or established, or mature, product restaging.  We help you to identify and size product and service targets, profile likely acceptors, and provide accurate sales forecasting.

Product and Concept Optimization

Using market-validated methodologies, our product and pricing services provide you with a clear vision of demand and margin shifts for alternative pricing, product configurations, messaging and media.  As the development cycle continues, we work with you to optimize the feature offering, pricing, and associated key messaging.

Finalizing Go-To-Market Strategies

Package testing, distribution, audience targeting, messaging and positioning strategies, are developed, evaluated and optimized using a variety of approaches, from simple evaluation to sophisticated modeling and market segmentation tools.

Post Release Performance Assessment

Assess or validate your marketing and communications plans by measuring awareness and usage in-market through: 

  • Customer satisfaction evaluation and tracking
  • Sizing and profiling of customers, and aware and unaware non-owners, to measure early satisfaction among users and reasons for non-purchase 

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