Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix Analysis helps identify precisely the combinations of media and ad content that work best together to deliver ad recall and response for your target audiences.

We quantify and compare the lift delivered by individual media channels and channel mixes – quantifying the lift digital ads get from radio and TV, or the lift to TV ads of other concurrent channel advertising.

Media Mix Analysis delivers insights into the longer term, underlying dynamics of your campaign. By continuously tracking media mix results you can measure overall campaign impact and understand when new ads begin to “wear in” and the effect they are having on your overall campaign metrics.

Marketing Mix Analysis will:

  •  Identify the media and ad combinations that deliver maximum recall and response (online traffic, store visits, information gathering, purchase, activation etc).
  • Quantify lift delivered across channels.
  • Provide regular insights so you can take immediate action to optimize ad spend.
  • Compare your media mix performance to key competitors and media channel norms.
  • Allow you to calculate the ROI on your campaign.



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