Messaging and Positioning

The foundation of successful marketing is a strong and distinctive messaging platform that is able to support communications across multiple media options.  We can help pinpoint and refine your central brand truth as well as create effective campaign messaging. 

Our approach is flexible with measures for complex emotional and functional responses.  Our researchers are psychologists and sociologists who deliver effective emotional and cognitive platforms that resonate with both heart and mind.

To optimize the value of your communications we take a broader look at your campaign objectives and the long-term impact on your brand and brand portfolio. Using global effectiveness measures we help you develop messaging that delivers short-term response while delivering on the attributes of your brand book.

By decomposing the multiple messages laddering up to one communication we can predict the net effect of complex messaging to multiple target audiences.   We help you to determine what is working and deliver prescriptive advice on how to improve.

YouGov messaging and positioning programs deliver:

  • Positioning and distinctive messaging platforms
  • Campaign messaging and claims evaluation
  • Optimized message bundling
  • Marketing mix optimization

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