Public Affairs

The Public Affairs division, headquartered in Washington DC, studies political attitudes and social behaviors. 

The primary focus of Public Affairs is the delivery of advice to clients facing political issues–corporations, industry groups, interest groups, labor unions and government bodies–whose goals require winning the hearts and minds of their multiple stakeholders.  YouGov solutions are based on an accurate measurement of current attitudes and behaviors, as well as deeper understanding of the underlying beliefs and emotions that drive opinion on the issues that divide us.

Whether the issues relate to energy or the environment, education or moral values, consumer rights or free choice, gay marriage or health care insurance, our clients look for the research and recommendations from which to build a strategy, message discipline and outreach.  

Social Research and Policy Advice

An accurate measure of stakeholder opinion and sentiment on critical issues.

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Washington Insider Quorum

What Washington thinks about the issues you face.

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Political Elites

Political elites are the best educated, best-informed, most politically active people nationwide.

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