Custom Research

Inform your strategic and tactical decisions with insights and tools that focus on tangible and financial outcomes.


Brand Monitors

Get a real time picture of your brand’s health with a continuous stream of consumer data.


Market Intelligence

Understand the consumer attitudes and behaviors that drive markets. 


Know Healthcare

Custom research from YouGov Healthcare provides unique insights to your organization and market while YouGov HospitalIndex offers a hybrid of multi-client research with customized questions.

Know Accurately

YouGov has been widely cited as one of the most accurate polls for the 2012 election cycle. YouGov hit the national vote split with almost no error using a large national sample.

Know Quickly and Reliably

YouGov Omnibus is a fast and cost-effective way to survey opinions, attitudes and behaviors for a nationally representative sample or key sub-segment. Using a shared cost model, the Omnibus delivers accurate and flexible custom research at reasonable costs for shorter, time-sensitive surveys.

Know Pricing

While there are many good reasons from the energy utility’s perspective to encourage residential energy customers to adopt dynamic pricing, customers prefer predictability and consistency.

Know Brands

BrandIndex is the authoritative measure of brand perception. BrandIndex continuously measures public perception of thousands of brands across dozens of sectors around the world.

Know The Wealthy

Understand the way the affluent spend, the role brands play in their spending, and the things they feel they need. Know the affluent consumer with the sixth Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America.