YouGov offers the advanced research and consulting services that help marketing and business leaders make smarter decisions about markets, customers, and brands. 

Our custom research practices deliver the definitive insights to inform strategic and tactical decisions and the frameworks to test future options with accuracy and confidence. By focusing on tangible and financial outcomes we support the growth and profitability of your organization and your brands.  We work with you to address business questions related to market structure and composition, innovation and product development, product and service optimization, customer experience, branding and market effectiveness.

Our brand monitors provide a continuous read of brand awareness and perception across thousands of individual brands in dozens of sectors. Insight reports deliver an in-depth understanding of the trends, social changes and demographic shifts that significantly impact your business. 

YouGov was founded in the UK in 2000, and is considered the pioneer of online market research. YouGov conducts research in all continents and our online model allows clients to get international results faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods, with no compromise on quality. We have offices in the UK, US, Europe and the Middle East.