Since 2006, YouGov has been the data collection partner for the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES), a consortium of academic teams that is the first truly large-scale academic survey project aimed at studying the midterm Congressional elections. In 2010, our partnership produced a 55,400 person national survey of the American electorate, as well as 45 separate studies focused on research questions of interest to the individual teams.

Half of the content in the CCES is Common Content, administered to all survey respondents, while the remaining half is unique team content that is administered to 1,000 respondents for each team.

YouGov designs and delivers a national sample stratified by state and type of district, optimizing the study for congressional, state, and national-level politics. The sample design also fits well with the Electoral College structure and provides an ideal setting for understanding the relationship between midterm and presidential elections.

The CCES project delivers:

  • 1,000 person survey covering each team’s content
  • Common Content survey that consists of a subset of questions asked of all subjects
  • The validated vote for most subjects in the sample

Harvard University Professor Stephen Ansolabehere, and the MIT Public Opinion Research Training Lab coordinate the CCES. For more information please visit:

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